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How I got started

Lots of people want to learn to write, and that's fine. Writing a variety of things is learnable. But in my opinion, you are either a writer or you’re not. To me, writing comes from deep inside you. It's part of who you are. Writing should come to you naturally. If it is something you struggle to do and fight to work at, then maybe writing isn't what you are meant to do. I have been writing since I was twelve. It came to me naturally. I started with children's stories, then in college, I went through some bad emotional stuff, and I poured my heart out onto the paper in the form of poetry. Occasionally over the years, I have dabbled in writing novels, but none were very good, and I never finished any of them. Then several years ago I joined a group called the Brantford Writers' Circle. In this group was a woman who wrote a novel, finished it and self-published it. And I thought "wow" if she can do that then why can't I? I have good ideas too. I can write…

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What in the world is going on here?

A couple of days ago there was a mass shooting in Toronto. Thirteen people were hit by bullets minding their own business and living there life how they see fit. A few months ago a crazy man decided it would be fun to drive a rented van down a busy sidewalk in Toronto and kill several people who were also out doing their own thing. Toronto is getting so unsafe to visit or live in. They should be calling Toronto, the city of death. Every single day, something horrible happens to innocent people, who just want to live there life.
I live in Brantford and it's not much safer living here, although, there isn't a daily murder-fest going on here. Here in Brantford, people get stabbed. Now stabbing someone with a knife is harder to do then whipping out a gun and shooting people. To stab someone with a knife, you have to get up close and personal. It's no wonder people turn in to recluses. It's just not safe to go out your door anymore. We can't walk to the store without wond…

The Canundrum of Helping Others

Why is it some of us are constantly compelled to help others whether it is with money, emotional support, etc...When knowing that most of the time we would be lucky enough to get a thank you. Also if it is money we are lending, then, of course, we would hope to be paid back the money eventually. Yet the person we were kind enough to lend the money too doesn't seem to realize, that it was a loan and you do eventually want your money back. Then when the person does get some money to pay you back, they, in turn, decide to lend the money to someone else.  When they should really be paying you back the money, which they owe you. So, when do you get back the money you were so, courteous to lend? I'm still waiting to find out that answer. Is there such a fine line between lender and borrower that the kindness of helping someone else financially gets lost and trust goes out the window? When does the borrower decide the money was a gift and not a loan? The lender never told them it was…